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by J. Cullison

This is kind of a compilation of who I am. In the middle is a cowboy, my grandpa was a cowboy in Montana. There is a bear in Yellowstone which is part of where my grandpa was, but I’m also a “mamma bear”, and I’ve got kids and grandkids. I love the water, I love being at the beach, it’s very calming. I love just sitting there watching the waves. At the top there is a little old lady, wrinkled, and surrounded by the colorful things she has made, and I’m hoping that someday I live to be that old and that wrinkled, surrounded by things I’ve made. I love ice cream, and that’s why there is an ice cream cone. On the left there is a woman that looks like she’s wearing Greek clothing, I’m Greek on my dad’s side. That’s just part of who I am. There’s a little girl with a giraffe, and I just think the giraffe is cute. The older lady at the bottom of the page is calm, and that’s me, too. The Himalayan salt lamp also represents calm. There is a sailboat cruise ship on the right that represents how I would love to go on cruises some day. The trees at the top of the page are in the mountains in the snow. My pastor lives up on top of Snoqualmie, and is always sharing pictures of how beautiful it is. 


"Generations" by J. Cullison

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