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by J.C. Jackels

I remember when I started this I was feeling frustrated and angry, so that’s what drew me to the red. I don’t normally use red in anything that I do. The first thing I started with was the lizard, and I think that represents something more dark to me. Then I found the two buildings that looked like they were either being pushed together or pulling apart. Those all went together to me. I think I added the plant next, and I feel like at some point during the creation of this I started to feel lighter, happier, and better. It was then that I felt like I could add the painting of my own (whatevers) that helped me be more free. The cat is zooming out from between the constricting buildings. Overall it represents that I might have started in a darker place, but that I have control over how I move through that, and what I make of it. I felt completely happy when I was done. 


"Release" by J.C. Jackels

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