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Summer Art Camps for Kids, 8-14yr.

There are no summer camps scheduled at this time.



My daughter (8) attended Ms. Gahan's virtual art camp last summer (2020) and she loved it! The program was from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. for five days.  


I was very impressed by how organized the virtual art camp program was throughout the week. Ms. Gahan provided each child with an incredible bag of diverse art materials prior to camp starting as well as directions about how to best prepare for camp before it started.  She thought about every detail to make the experience educational and engaging, yet simple for the kids to do virtually. I was so impressed!


All art projects were very fun and diverse. The children worked with several different types of art mediums. The art camp hours passed very quickly! My daughter was never disinterested or without direction. 


Ms. Gahan stayed on-line via Zoom with the children the entire time.  This made a huge difference in my daughter's experience.  She always stayed present and attentive to what the kids were doing and if they had questions. Just like in-person learning, the children could take bathroom breaks as needed and they had snack time together. So well-orchestrated and organized! 


My daughter loved art camp and is so looking forward to attending again summer of 2021.  



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